Background Checks

E & E's comprehensive background checks for employers and companies ensures that the right employee for the job is hired. Background checks allow employers to make more informed hiring decisions and a process by which you find your best candidate. Protecting our client's name and reputation is our primary goal and we prevent companies from incurring liability issues.

We conduct discreet checks that encompasses but is not limited too:

  • Financial record of the prospective employee - We run a credit report especially for jobs that are in the financial and accounting industry.
  • Employment history - companies worked for, job description and dates of employment.
  • Qualification verification - Correspondence with schools that applicant claims to have degrees from.
  • Criminal record
  • Tenancy record
  • Employment verification - Proof of eligibility to work in the country.
  • References - Contacting professional references about the applicant's performance and competency.

At Elesinmogun & Egwuatu we conduct both national and international background checks taking into consideration local laws and practices.