The future of Africa depends on the continent's ability to implement trade policies and align with other nations to enhance trade and development. Most African nations have been unable to join the ranks of the world's developed countries, and have failed to adopt policies that will increase trade and competition. Elesinmogun & Egwuatu aims to assist African companies capitalize on opportunities and minimize on risks when doing business in the USA and vice-versa. The practice conducts the necessary due diligence or "Know your customer documentation" for customers looking to engage in transatlantic business and multilateral agreements.

The firm also provides clients with competent immigration work especially for companies looking to transfer their staff and families to their US subsidiary or branch. Foreign investors have been cautious about investing in African countries because of corruption, armed conflicts and lack of the necessary information to facilitate trade. Elesinmogun & Egwuatu does all the groundwork for the companies to ensure that their risks are minimized and they take prudent steps in achieving their goals. There is a great opportunity to enhance multilateral business between the US and African countries. Elesinmogun & Egwuatu is a major conduit for facilitating advantageous transactions between the continents thereby improving social and business relations.